C Team

C Team Fixtures 2018-2019

DateOppositionTimeUmpireResult (OFNC - Opposition)Player of the MatchPlayers Player
15.09.2018Cumberland E 12.50pmCassie15-40CaitlinSam
29.09.2018Crouch End Flyers11.25amJo23-37
06.10.2018AP Saints B 11.25amCassie25-12KaraMani
20.10.2018Inglis B 11.25amShaz33-48
03.11.2018Palmers Green C 2.15pmCassie29-37
17.11.2018Cumberland F 2.15pmCassie33-30
01.12.2018Sparks B 11.25amLaura24-24
15.12.2018Cumberland E 12.50pmCassie 28-26
19.01.2019Crouch End Flyers10.00amLeigh
02.02.2019AP Saints B 12.50pmCassie
16.02.2019Inglis B 2.15pmCassie
02.03.2019Palmers Green C 11.25amCassie
16.03.2019Cumberland F 10.00amJo
30.03.2019Sparks B 12.50pmCassie
06.04.2019Spare date
07.04.2019Spare date

Location of North London League matches